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    Parenting Helpful Tips Through the Years

    Parenting Helpful Tips Through the Years

    Countless people who have children would probably say that there is no job more difficult or fulfilling than becoming a parent.

    Naturally, every parent needs to seek out advice from time to time! We’ve gathered a variety of resources with parenting advice for every stage of your childrens’ lives.

    The Early Years

    Adjusting to parenthood and caring for a baby can be hard. Here are a few important things to focus on during these exhausting months.

    • Following a routine to establish a sleep schedule for your baby is key during this phase.
    • Read up on the development milestones for your baby’s first year so you know what to expect.
    • Yes, it’s okay to invest in your own health when you have a baby.

    Raising a Toddler

    The toddler years can be exciting, yet challenging! These resources can help you navigate this time in your child’s life.

    • Your toddler might resist napping, but encouraging them to get some extra sleep during the day will help prevent tantrums!
    • Even the happiest toddlers will get cranky occasionally. Happy You, Happy Family has plenty of tips for helping both you and your child stay calm during those moments, including not giving in and not reasoning with a child in mid-tantrum.
    • Toddlers will spend lots of time socializing, so you’ll need to focus on teaching your toddler to share.
    • Your toddler might be a little shy, but with these techniques, you can gently prompt them to start making friends.

    Caring for School-Age Children

    As your children enter elementary school, they will need your support in different ways. These resources are full of advice for parenting your school-age kids.

    • Chances are, your child will need some help with their homework! Scholastic has a few suggestions for giving them a hand with assignments, including teaching them time-management skills and letting your child take the lead.
    • Motivate your child to start exploring sports, creative hobbies, and other extracurricular activities.
    • Setting major goals for yourself, like earning your degree online, can help you become a great role model for your kids.

    Parenthood is a journey full of surprises. Every child is unique, and everyone’s parenting style is a little different. But with these resources, you’ll gain a general idea of what you can look forward to as a parent while the years go on.

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